Cap BPO´s

Many Bpo´s to sell

Location Jita 4-4

Ships ME PE Price
Minokawa 8 12 1,5B
Capital Clone Vat 10 14 2B
Capital Siege Array 10 8 2B

Construction parts to me for 1b please

contract up and price adjusted

I will also take

Capital Jump Drive 10 20 1,5B
Capital Corporate Hangar 10 20 1,5B
Capital Armor 10 20 1,5B
Capital Capacitor 10 14 1B
Capital Drone Bay 10 20 1B
Capital Shield 10 20 1,5B
Capital Power 10 16 1,5B
Capital Computer 10 14 1,5B

hips ME PE Price
Rorqual 8 10 3,5B

Ill take this, contract me in jita 4- 4 please

contract up

Capital Power 10 16 1,5B

ill take that as well

@ Mstache : sry another guy was faster

first post updatet

Chimera 8 12 1,5B
Capital Cargo Bay 10 20 1,5B

2.5b for these please?

contract up first post updated

I’ll take the Lif, Capital Launcher, and Capital Turret please.

contract up first post updated

Hey man ill take the minokawa and the clone vat bay

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