Capital BPOs, great deal! Heavy Discounts

Apostle Blueprint 10/14 - 4 Bil
Ninazu Blueprint 10/14 - 4 Bil
Rorqual Blueprint 8/14 - 4 bil
Archon Blueprint 10/16 - 4 Bil
Thanatos Blueprint 10/16 - 4 Bil

All are located in Jita 4-4. Open to reasonable offers… That goes for you too (LSG)

Orca Blueprint 8/14

1.9 bil?

20b for the whole bundle, contract to my alt cheryl swindle pls

I sold the Orca BPO, I can do 18 for the other 5. I will put the contract up now

Bump I still have the BPOs

Bump, Buy backed out Make a deal

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