WTS BPOs (all in jita 4-4):

First sheet is 10/20 BPOs, second non 10/20.

General idea for price:
2-10% off the cheapest similar BPO on public contracts (unless its mine).
Obviously there are exceptions and bulk discount.

Offers are welcome, if I don’t reply here shoot me a mail or discord Insomaniacs#4365.

Edit: Listing a few –
Ragnarok Blueprint 7/10 - 60b
Nyx Blueprint 9/10 - 22b
Orca Blueprint 10/20 - 7b
Archon Blueprint 10/14 - 2b
Chimera Blueprint 9/16 - 1.5b

10/20 T1 Battlecruiser set - 10.5b

Most 7/14 or worse BPOs -10% NPC (7/0 Naglfar Blueprint at 1.7b for example)

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I may be dumb or inattentive - are u selling all of em with 1 click or partially?

partially. whether it be just 1 or multiple or combos like all BC/BS etc.

Added prices for a few. Also bump.

to me please

apparently that was 8/16 … contract up same price

edited post to make it easier to search also bump.

8 bill offer for this lot

are you including the 7/0 Nag in that offer? Either way it’s a pass … lowest total I’d take for the first 5 is 10b / 11.5 including the nag

Mail sent

oh sorry i didnt see the nag

9.5 including the nag

updated list n post also bump

IG Mail sent.

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