Capital class vessels limited and capital fights

I believe the capital class vessels offer limited gameplay and could be expanded? (And I want to hear your views.)

Four main choices of game play





At the moment

Exsploration capital classes; none

Industrial capital classes; orca, roqual, freighters, jump freights

PvP capital classes; dread, carrier, supercarrier and titan

PvE capital classes; dread, carrier, supercarrier and titan

I propose the following changes (adding on)

Exsploration - capital class vessels + capital class exsploration sites

Industrial - role capital class mining vessels (solo and fleet). The orca and roqual are being used for both solo and fleet mining. (Like with the mining barges I believe they should introduce alternatives for the roles of capital mining vessels. That being a tank version a solo version and finally a fleet version).

PvP - (more options for big alliance fights to shape the battlefeild) e.g;
Capital class vessel (heavy interdictor bubble specialist)
Capital class vessel (tech 2 destroyer group jump mechanism specialist)
Capital class vessel (smartbomb specialist)
Capital class vessel (Ewar flavours min - web, gall - sensor damp, ama - cap and cal - ECM)
Capital class vessel mine layers or gas cloud to put up damage in a area of space
Capital class vessel - web bubble for a area in space

PvE - They have started by adding sites for capital class vessel which I think is a step in the right direction. (Also their is level 5 mission and scan sites in null/low sec.)

I don’t know if these would be well or badly received but I would like to hear people views on these ideas?
I would love to hear others changes to capital class vessel (if any)?
I would also like to know if people would be for or against these ideas?
(If they think capital fights are good as is?)

Thank you for your time
Shen she

Dreads and carriers in highsec, CCP.

It’s time.

Super carriers and titans can stay out.

If you are going to allow titan-citadels (Keepstars) then you MUST allow for a proper counter.

Lots of people are against capital gameplay being a larger part of the game because it has historically been very damaging to traditional sub-capital gameplay (you’re having a good small-gang fight until someone drops a FAX / HAW dread, etc.). The smartbomb/gas cloud ideas would just make this worse, alongside removing the intended balancing factor of them struggling to apply damage properly to small ships.

Now I can tell you don’t really understand capital gameplay with some of the suggestions, because some of them already exist in some form via burst projectors (webs, bubbles, EWAR).

Leaving those things - using capitals for exploration, and giving greater variety of combat capitals is hindered by a few of their core attributes. They’re very tough, very high damage, and very low mobility. Most capital gameplay is simply two sides picking a range, then sitting still and shooting at each other. All the complexity seen in subcaps of kiting, managing transversal, range, using ewar, positioning logi, etc. is negated by how dreads and titans are used practically.

Giving capitals the kind of mobility and range of EWAR/logi/tackle required to make capital gameplay engaging in that way would completely ruin subcap gameplay.

We’ve had years of seeing how capital-class mining ruins the Eve economy, let’s not do that again.

The desire for bigger toys constantly happens in a lot of games, but the effect is particularly damaging in Eve where everyone is in competition and it relys on a player-driven ecosystem. If the largest caps have any more than a few niche uses then they competely kill the interesting emergent behaviour that Eve relies upon as the unique factor that’s kept it alive while it’s competitors have come and gone.


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