Capital Manufacturing Parts For Sale

Blackflag has acquired numerous capital parts from our resent structure take down campaign in hs, if you have any use for them plz pm me in game. Here’s the kill so you can see what dropped and what’s available for sale

Stephan pappotte

The loot gods were definitely in your favor

I have moved your post to the correct category.

Items For Sale - Make Reasonable Offer - All Items In Jita

Capital Antimatter Reactor Units - 23

Ladar-FTL Interlink Communication - 1

Capital Deflection Shield Emitter - 1348

Capital Electrolytic Capacitor - 3154

Capital Fernite Carbide Armor Plates - 4560

Capital Ladar Sensor Cluster - 665

Capital Linear Shield Emitter - 1348

Capital Nanoelectrical Microprocessor - 1056

Capital Nuclear Reactor -1554

Capital Plasma Thruster - 1266

Capital Nanomechanical Microprocessor - 3168

Capital Radar Sensor Cluster - 665

Tungsten Carbide Armor Plate - 10729

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