Capital Ships and Modules for sale in Chamemi (Khanid LowSec)

Caps for sale, send me an in-game mail and I will contract to you direct.
These are all located in the NPC station (Royal Khanid Navy) in Chamemi.

7 x Revelation hulls at 1.3B each or near offer
1 x Minokawa fitted with 3 x T1 CCDFE rigs 1.1B or near offer
1 x Nidhoggur fitted with 3 x T1 CCDFE rigs and has some Templar T1 fighters 1.2B or near offer
3 x Rorqual fitted with 2 x T2 and 1 x T1 CDMA rigs 3.5B each or near offer

Also have related Capital parts that I will sell individually for split between Jita Buy and Sell, or 10.5B for the lot (includes 15 x Excavator Drones)

Crazy Bjorn

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