Capsuleer industry linked to rise in cancer cases in Amarr space

Information has reached Gutter Press that capsuleer planetary industrial production has been linked with a rise in cancer cases, particularly amongst spaceside personnel.

According to Hedion University public health researchers, there has been a noticeable rise in the occurrence of several types of cancers since YC112, coinciding with the use of capsuleer-owned industrial products.

Testicular, ovarian, female breast, and skin cancers have been observed to have increased significantly amongst industrial workers aboard space stations and orbital dockyards throughout Amarr Empire space.

One industrial product identified as being of particular concern, are synthetic oils used as lubricants for a variety of machinery, including spaceships.

Dr. xer Bathana, one of the researchers involved in the study, had this to say:
“What appears to be happening is that industrial workers are coming into increased contact with carcinogens in several common workplace substances. After doing a literature search, we came across studies of industrial diseases from the pre-spaceflight age on Athra, where mechanics of combustion-engined machinery were found to develop testicular cancer at unusually high rates. This was due to their habit of wiping their ungloved hands with an oily rag, and scratching their groin, which transferred the carcinogens in the oil to their overalls, and eventually their skin.”
Dr. Shayiskhun, another researcher on the study said this:
“We took a random sample of synthetic oils available on the market in Imperial space, and discovered that several oils made with blends of capsuleer-owned industrial produced oils contained several known carcinogens, unlike synthetic oils produced by several Imperial companies which had previously enjoyed a monopoly in Imperial space prior to YC112.”

The Hedion team recommended that Holders and owners of industrial facilities examine the composition of the oils they use, and avoid carcinogenic substances whenever possible.

Dr. xer Bathana also mentioned that the provision of suitable personal protective equipment and workwear is a legal requirement for owners of industrial facilities, first codified in the Health and Safety at Work Edict of 20445 AD, which pre-dates the first spacecraft launched by the Amarr Empire.

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