Capsuleer Karaoke

Just gauging some interest here…if I were to host this type of event on a more frequent basis, would there be any interest? How often? What timing, days of the week, etc?

Thanks for your input :slight_smile:


Lasairiona Raske

Thank you for your initiative. The last Karaoke Night (and my first since I received my license) was worthwile and entertaining.

My personal preference would be roughly a schedule of four to six weeks on changing days. Also, I find it easier to book my calendar in advance on weekdays (Mo-Fr). Weekend is also possible, but harder to plan ahead.


Haria Haritimado

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I think your timing is great honestly. Even us oddballs can make it if we don’t binge too hard the night before. But I agree that every month or so is probably a good timeline.

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Can we make Sin only sing songs one the rest of us are drunk enough to not be intimidated? :slight_smile:

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