Capsuleers (Music Inspired By Eve Online) Now Streaming!


I’m a composer who has been playing Eve for over 14 years. You may have seen me in such fights as “Railgun Daredevil at Zero wtf” and “Did He Forget About Gateguns Again?”.

While I have written music for films and AAA games, it’s only now that I’ve ventured into writing something for Eve Online.

I’ve posted a couple of videos on YouTube about making an unofficial alternative ambient soundtrack for Eve Online. The idea was to make the tunes whilst recording the whole process. That worked fine for the first two tunes where I detailed the whole music making process. The reality, however, was that I may have had spare time to write and record the tunes, but not to also make a video about it. So I went and made the tunes anyway.

The album is now complete. 10 tracks of ambient themes, specifically designed to add an extra dimension to your Eve Online piloting experience.

Initially, the album was only available for isk. Now it’s on Spotify, and all other streaming services.

If you want to buy it, please visit this page.

Track List:
01 – Off Grid
02 – Mining For Dignity
03 – Orbiting The Sun
04 – Cloaked in Nul
05 – Solo Flight
06 – The Space Between Gates
07 – The Cyno Is Lit
08 – Majin Neo Furie Automation
09 – Strange Dogs
10 – An Hour Til DT

Please note – the music is inspired by Eve Online but it contains no sounds from the game. Eve Online is a registered trademark of CCP Games. CCP / the GMs are aware of the above and have given me the thumbs up to do it. Thanks!

Link to promo video

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Also - Link to video of whole first track

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Payment Amount
On it’s release, I set the price at 500 mill isk. After feedback, I’m changing it to you paying what you think it’s worth. (I am setting the minimum price to 50 mill to avoid silliness.)

Please send your donation to the character Capsuleers Soundtrack. You will then receive a code to use on my website which will allow you to download the tune without any additional cost.

Link to the album and full details

Note - the correct character is Capsuleers Soundtrack (with an S). I see that somebody has set up a capsuleer soundtrack without an ‘s’. Please don’t send them isk - you’ll not see it again. :slight_smile:

The music can now be streamed from Spotify and Apple Music and many other streaming sites. Hope you enjoy it!

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