EVE online music needs more input from worldwide artists that would likely provide it for free if asked

Hi all, as a daily player in the Eve community I’d like to ask if the music could be coupled with worldwide synth artists such as Tiesto or other synth melody creators that could provide music that is valid for the EVE online MMOG.

The playership numbers could likely be increased by teaming up with such artists that have such online large followings as well.

More musical depth could benefit the game is all I’m saying and suggesting a possible solution.

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The music is fine as it is but I wouldn’t mind some Jean Michel Jarre or James Horner going on in my ears when I play.
Although many players don’t have the sound on and there are plenty of tunes to choose from off-game and online.

You fool, you’ve damned us all! Think man! Think! You’ve now opened the CCP floodgates to teaming up with ICP and Eminem! Oh sweet Bob, I never thought I would live to see man made horrors beyond my willingness to comprehend!


EVE has sound?


Damn son, you “beat” :notes: me to it…

Get Hans Zimmer and have him do creepy futuristic music like he did for Dune.


i’ll take Hans Zimmer or Danny Elfman any day for background music


A think a collaboration between Eminem and Eve could be highly beneficial.

@Xeux I think a collaboration with Snoop Doggy Dog would be even more beneficial.

1 bad crossover is enough.

Can Snoop bring Martha Stewart, too?

I can imagine a giant laughing Martha Stewart head in the abyss could be pretty terrifying.


Amen brother/sister/sentient 1400mm howitzer

I don’t doubt he can, I hear they’re friends… with benefits.

Need Permaband back :slight_smile:

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Row Row row your mining barge, life is just a dream…

I agree all I hear is silence in space

In space no one can hear you scream

…unless it’s the battlecry of US marine…


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Or Madis…he is effectively the 21st century response to Jean Michelle Jarre. His music would be amazing as an Eve soundtrack. Just imagine the opening bit of this as the intro to Eve…

The segment at 7.12 is just amazing and evocative. And the segment at 13.20 would make a great theme music for Eve itself…

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More of the sort of Eve background music I’d love to hear…

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