EVE music competition?

I was saddened to learn today that Jon Hallur, AKA CCP RealX has left CCP some time ago. He is the man who created the wonderful music of New Eden. The music is part of why I love this game.

I was thinking… EVE has a talented playerbase. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a competition to make a track for the login screen music for a new patch? They could even make it a regular thing. I dunno, thought it would be a cool idea. Anyone else?

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That’s an excellent idea, Tamazaki. Are you a musician? Perhaps you could do something and upload it to SoundCloud or one of the other sites, so we can hear it!

Strangely enough, I’m the opposite to you. I play with the music turned completely off, for I never liked any of it. That’s just personal taste and is not meant as a slight on the composer, who did a very good job.

Thing is, touching the sacred cows of EVE Online has proven to be a scary exercise; look at the furore when they changed the voice of Aura…

I think EVE does need new music, something to match the ambitious sweep of its promotional material. I’m all for it; as long as it’s not written and performed by Permaband.

Over to you…

Yes! 100% we should look to the community for some EVE tracks. I have no doubt there’s a lot of musicians in our community, myself included who would love to contribute creatively.

We might even, dare I say it, spawn the era of a new jukebox!

I’m kind of mixed on this.

On the one hand, the idea of community generated content making it into the game sounds awesome.

On the other hand, CCP isn’t a small indie company. They made $86 million in revenue last year and should be held to a higher standard of professionalism, not only by us, but by themselves.

Sound is so crucial to the gaming experience (ib4: Eve has sound?) that it’s really something I would expect CCP manage themselves, just as they do the graphics, mechanics and engine.

I remember in 2016 just before citadel update they announced CCP said they were also implanting new music coming soon as well.
Never seen them land tho, I was really anticipating new “high sec tracks” :speech_balloon:

Yeah I get that. It would only be for the login screen tho. Hell, they don’t even have to use it if it’s not up to scratch. Maybe they could even get their own composer to judge entries and give us a prize in plex or something, I dunno. just an idea I had while bored this evening :smiley:

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I quite like the idea as a community event of some sort - audio and immersion go hand in hand. Great suggestion!


Sounds like a good idea, but since it would require the involvement of the Community team, I don’t know if CCP Falcon and CCP Guard would have the time to add yet another piece to their pile of workload.

Anyway it’s sad to see Jon Hallur gone, his music is such a great part of what makes EVE the game it is. :frowning_face:


As long as they keep the option for the proper music, I could care more.

I’m up for this :boredparrot:

Sad to hear that creator of ear candy has left CCP.

Here is link to link library for EVE music in Soundcloud.


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