Carebears with Claws!

Castille Consortium is a newbro-friendly mining/industrial/PvP corporation, based out of low sec. Our philosophy is we build it, fly it, blow it up (sometimes), and build it again! Come join our combat engineers as we build our castle among the stars!

We are part of a low sec alliance/coalition with significant combat capability, leading to opportunities to mine where typically difficult, as well as a built in “captive buyer” base. We also encourage you to get involved in alliance/coalition fleets and activities. We also already have significant industry infrastructure in the region.

Our goals are to:

  • Establish and maintain mining and industry in low sec space
  • Staking our claim to our space by actually fighting for it versus just “maintaining sov”
  • Develop our PvP skills, with the support of experienced alliance Fleet Commanders
  • Build and fly our own PvP ships, as well as supply our alliance partners

Application Requirements:

  • Full, non-expiring account API for security background check and sign-up for alliance services
  • TeamSpeak 3, for corp/alliance comms
  • Slack/Trello application support

Please Join channel Castille Recruiting and speak to a member today! Or message me directly at Skyhawk in game.

Affiliated with Panic Attack alliance and Panic Stations


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