Carrier PvE player LF Corp Drone space (Found one)

o7 everyone, 24 mil skill player looking for joining a big and stable English speaking corp in Null drone space area.

I am a PvE player flying Nidhoggur t2 fighters looking to be doing drone horde mainly, on quiet system. Need logistic help to get ship/equipement in ratting area, i can pay for it.
My goals are focused on making isk and training skills for interceptor raptor then Proteus.
I have on average 2 to 3 hours playing time per day (France early afternoon). Capable of scanning down anomalies. Can provide API key.

Why drone space: i used to rat there on carrier last summer, the npc are pretty easy and the drops are interesting i find.

As i did checked several systems, i noticed that it was mainly russians owning the place, if by any chance there isnt Big corp, i would be willing to join in any other null area, exepted blood raider NPC (they nasty) as my concern is to loose as less fighters as possible, and not use the orbit target option as i find it to be slowing the ratting process. So basicaly, looking for easy NPCs area.

EDIT 10 jan 2018: I am willing to join russian corp as long as there are 1-2 english speaking guys to help me get the ships i need. Once im setted, i go quite and just rat.

EDIT 11 jan 2018: Found a corp

Hi, we may be what your looking for, join our in game channel or prvt message me in game.

Friendly Spaceless Channel

Alan McVeigh

Fantastic, ill do that tomorow, thank you sir McVeigh.

EDIT 10 jan 2018: I joined the channel and couldnt find anyone one it, you were also offline.
But i may have found a corp that lives in drone space, english speaking, waiting on an answer…

Hey, yeah I dont check the channel often, probably better off prvt messaging me in game, or Hila Kashada.
If it doesnt work out with the other corp, keep us in mind.

Regards Al

roger, thank you :slight_smile:

Found one in drone space, thank you everyone for your offers.

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