Carrier ratting sux

Seriously I think I’m geting arthritis in my left hand from all the button pushing.
Before you say VNI I use those too but ticks aren’t remotely as good besides I want more isk faster to inject more.

lol … luxury problem

you get free isk for a little work …


Have you tried smartbomb ratting? Super ticks with little effort.

The area I am settled in doesn’t have sites I could smartbomb rat in but yea I did think of it and if I were to move to another region it’s high on my list.

Swap to your right hand.

When that gets tired, roll your face on the keyboard.


Before this is mentioned I did delve into DED sites but you can only do so many before you need a change in scenery.

Goon ratter?

It feel incredibly awkward and clumsy being right handed to use my left.

That’s RMT cartel ratter to you mate not goon

Forsaken Hubs and Forsaken Rally Points work for smartbomb ratting. If you are in Rogue Drone space, I am not sure what works there.

Drone sites have various spawn points for each wave it was changed because russians spammed smartbomb bs in hordes

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Yeah… I’ve missed this party like by 1 month or so… :disappointed_relieved:

I miss all the parties. So I just smarty party by myself. Its so much better. :smiling_imp::star_struck:

You can smartbomb Menageries in a Mach. I know 3-4 guys that do it in our pocket. They have to take turns though because our space rarely spawns enough to sustain more than one SB mach.

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The horror…:scream:

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Arcane Specced!

–Gadget once owned a mage

Back when I was lovable and had a wife, I used to rock a druid. I’d go tank form and swipe everything, she’d just spam arcane explosion.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t miss that. “■■■■ your mechanics, all this ■■■■’s gonna die in 3…2…1…”

Then you realize you forgot to loot the last 3 pulls because you were too busy committing genocide for the sheer joy of it.


Lol he rats.


I think I see the problem.

Just out of curiosity, what are you injecting for? A bigger ship so you can earn more, so you can inject more, so you can earn more?

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get a rorqual, just hug a rock and let the drones do the work!

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