Casual & care-free gameplay at Wolfdale Inc. -- [pve] [high-sec] [stress free] -- [EU-timezone]


Wolfdale Inc. looking for players that feel the need to just play with some friends.

We’re a EU-timezone corporation that are community & real life first.
We come online, chat, hang out, have fun and play some EVE (and other games) together.
No obligations, no commitments, no fuzz - just fun.

:pushpin: What do we do?

  • Missions (any faction);
  • Exploration (data / relic / combat sites);
  • Wormhole daytrips;
  • Industry & Mining;
  • Planetary Interaction;
  • Sansha content (sites, events);
  • Triglavian content (abyssals, sites, events);

:pushpin: Why choose Wolfdale Inc.?

  • No SP / subscription requirement;
  • No obligations & commitments;
  • No war declarations;
  • No stress;
  • No obnoxious API checks or interviews;
  • Zero tax;
  • Optional Discord for socializing and in-game and out-of-game contact;

:postbox: Interested?

In-game channel: “WLFD Public
Contact: Chiellon
You can leave a reply in this thread as well - I will contact you.
Join Discord!

Up to the top with you!

Online now and available for a chat.

Moving this back on top!

Online all afternoon.

Bump to the top!
Help us fight the Triglavian threat!

Recruitment open.
Feel free to drop by in the WLFD Public channel for a talk.

Another bump!

We’re still looking for people to join!

Another day another round. Hit me up in mail or chat to get to know us and join in the fight against the Triglavian menace!

Few people applied already.
Everyone is welcome! Let’s do some PVE!

Bump! On all night. Hit me up on chat.

New people joined! Welcome.

Hit me up on chat if you wish to join as well.

Another bump for the night.
We ran the new EDENCOM sites tonight, was great fun!

Hello, I am intrigued about slaughtering the scums of sanctioned space we call home. I am an Alpha pilot, for now, looking for a more Pve Lore type corp. Are you accepting alpha’s into your corp?

Sure thing bud! Send me a message / application ingame! :slight_smile:

Daily bump!
New people coming in, which is amazing.
We ran some of the EDENCOMs last night.

I am interested in joining

@Isa_Depran -

Awesome stuff! Send an email ingame and we’ll set something up.


Hey! Are you still interested in joining?
Let me know! I’ve sent you an email.

'nother dollah 'nother dime.
Come shoot Trigs on the company time!

Still looking for more souls!

Had a few more chats with people. Lovely to meet everyone.
2 more people joined us in the fight!