Looking for friendly corp


Returning 18mil SP pilot looking for a friendly medium sized corporation.

In the past i have done mining, exploration and PvP (logistics), although i would be needing a small crash course because its been a while :wink:

I’m interested in all of the above, and maybe branch into Industrial, but I’m open to everything as long as we are having fun.

activity will be on a daily basis in the evening (Central European Time)

Most important part is a active, social and friendly environment

find me ingame or on discord (Jitterjuice) if you are intrested

Hello! Think we got what you need:

discord request sent

hey, check out Gdawn :slight_smile:

Eclipse Strike Unit

Looking for a PvP wormhole group with the best of both worlds, Eclipse is looking for PvP pilots to join our new Corp that will provide NS & Wormhole Action, form a C2 C5/NS hole.

We are looking to grow and become a competing corp within wormhole space, We are casual eve players where RL comes first.

Talk to any of our Recruitment team.

Join in-game channel Eclipse Recruits

what we Provide :

**PvP **
**Experienced Fcing **
Black Ops
PvE Make Isk

what we want :
EU/US Pilots
**A willingness to learn **
provide knowledge and be keen to fly as a group
Discord coms with a working mic
**min omega Account **

Join Discord: Eclipse Strike Unit !!

Most friendly corporation out there. We like the game!

Hi Jitter,

We’re a small but very active wormhole corp living in a C4 with C1/C3 statics. We are primarily a US/EU tz corp and we are looking to build up our EU roster a little more. We’re very laid back, real life first sort of folks. We’re here to have fun, not take internet spaceships overly seriously. People log in when they can, there’s definitely no playtime expectation.

We primarily hunt for pvp but we do plenty of pve activities too. There’s also a fair amount of industry-oriented folks.

I’ll link our posting below where you can find a link to our discord. Feel free to reach out if you are interested or would like more information.

Fly safe! o7

hey man. im the CEO of Legion Ascending. We are a null sec corp that is a part of the Gentlemen’s Club alliance and we are looking for long term buddies to join us and enjoy the game. We do it all from pvp to indy to pve. Our corp is based on the members, meaning all members have a say in the future of the corp. no one enjoys being a number, so we dont have numbers. everyone is a part of the whole. Come have a chat with us in discord and see what you think!

Hi there! We might be a great fit for you: