Wolfdale Inc. looking for PVE friends!

Hello recruit!

Are you new to EVE or a veteran looking to blow off some steam in high security space? Wolfdale Inc. might be just the corporation for you!

We’re a group of IRL friends who are completely obsessed with everything PVE in EVE online. We’re usually laughing and goofing around on Discord and ingame chat while enjoying a night of casual gameplay in the world of New Eden.

We do:

We have:
Bizarre humor often at eachothers expense! :wink:
Low tax!
Very helpful!
Great group of people!
Assistance in learning the game!
ZERO skillpoint requirement.

We’re a very laid back and helpful group of people that wish only to just enjoy playing EVE online with eachoter. Want to introduce something not on the above list? We’re always open to try new things.

Contact Chiellon for application or information!
Join ‘WLFD Public’ chat channel.

Still looking!

Currently hard at work with our Caldari standing 5 jumps from Jita. Come look us up and join in on the missioning fun and Discord shenanigans!

Daily bump.

Contact us. :smiley:

Another bump!

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