Casual, Drama-free, Alpha/noob friendly

-If you want to be a great PVP-er, a industrial tycoon, or to engage in large-scale capital combats, move along, go join Horde, Brave, or I hear that Karmafleet is recruiting…

-However, if you just want a casual play, without the need to give blood and urine sample, and sacrifice a goat to have the privilege of waiting for 10+ days for an interview for a corp application, you’re at the right place.

-No ESI required, no sites to register and procedures to follow… Just apply for corp, or ask first if you have any questions, when you join you’ll get a discord link for comms, and that’s it…

-No matter if you’re a noob - great, so are we, or if you are a vet who doesn’t mind doing suicidal stuff with noobs, all are welcome.

-Stationed in HS, few jumps from Jita, and few jumps from LS and NS, so the content is right there, mining, industry, trade, PVE, PVP, etc.

-You owe nothing to the corp (tax free), but the corp owes nothing to you, No free stuff - fly whatever you want, but you have to earn ISK for it.

-We do not own structures, so we are not war eligible, which means - no boring spam wars.

-The goal is just to have fun, make friends, doing stuff you want, on your own, or in a group, doesn’t matter, casually at your own pace…

The corp is AMS Empire [AMS-E]

For info contact A-M-S ingame


Im not so new to the game but would love to join up.

Hi I’m a returning player after taking a long break from the game, just looking for a friendly group of people to call home.

still up and looking

all the views but no replys whats up guys come on

0% tax corp do youre own thing if you like

One bump per 24 hours. Please do not spam.

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