CB.WG - Null Sec - PvPvE - Industry - US/EU/AUZ TZ - Large Alliance - Capital Warfare - Come Join an Active Community Today -

Carebears -With- Guns a null-sec Corp and a proud member of Goonswarm is actively recruiting.

Time zone- US/EU/Pacific/Any

| Benefits to joining CB.WG |
-Large to small PvP battles
-skill plans
-free ships
-Null Mining anomalies and belts
-PvPvE Pochven groups
-crabbing in safety
-carrier ops
-Private Moons for Corp members to mine
-Wormhole shenanigans
-exploration without having your site stolen

| Requirements |
-General Knowledge of Gameplay Mechanics
-6 fleets>(PAPs) for every 60 days (2-month participation requirement) = 6hrs of your time or less a month - dedicated to alliance and/or Corp activities.
-Voice coms, mic is not needed, but the ability to listen to useful information is a requirement to participate in fleets/activities.

To start an application or have any questions, please head over to our discord at>>>> Carebears With Guns: Off the Toilet Edition

i have 12 mining toons i play on and I am looking to mine in null sec. I would not mind joining your corp/alliance. i have been playing since around 2012. alas i don’t play every day but i do play about 15 days a month due to life problems. but I would play more if i could afford plexing all my toons by mining. all my toons have about 6 mil sp. I lowered the exp before i last quit because i was moving states.

Join our discord we have minimal participation requirements, that most likely can work for you.


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