CBWG a Null sec Corp, is recruiting new, old, and returning players

Carebears with guns is actively recruiting new, old, and returning players. Do you have an interest in serving in an alliance (Goonswarm) with higher purpose, farming in a group setting, running sites in null/wormhole space, managing industry and contributing to the bigger picture. Then CBWG is a good fit for you. PvP and PvE playstyles are welcome, we only require alliance participation to remain in corp. Apply today at the discord link below,

Time zone- EU/US/Pacific/Any

Benefits to joining CBWG-
-newbie skill plans
-free ships
-Null Mining anomalies and belts
-PvP in many forms
-crabbing in safety
-carrier ops
-small group PvP
-Industry (Cap ship building)
-moons to mine all the time

Our requirements are simple - Participation in Corp and alliance functions. This game is an MMO and these requirements are all we ask of.

New players that have less than a year in the game and less then 5 mil SP will be given a starter fund of 50 million isk, and will be given a multitude of free ships/isk from the Corp for losses within a Corp fleet. Alliance benefits are free skill books and ships per player, free classes on learning certain Eve mechanics/playstyle, and a multitude of other benefits.

To start an application please head over to our discord at…

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Bump for the Corp!

Love this corp and love this alliance. Always a good time!


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