★★ Extreme Carebears - Null sec - PvP - PvE Corp ★★

Extreme Carebears is null sec corp. We are a tight nit group of PvP focused players. Corp environment is relaxed, laid back and mature. If you are looking for small active group of players to have fun with we are the corp for you.
We are proud members of Total eclipse alliance. We hold sov in content rich Providence region .

Here is what we offer.

  • Experienced Core Group.
  • Daily small and medium gang PvP fleets.
  • Teamwork and fun focused community.
  • Alliance and corp PvP ship replacement.
  • New Players help and training.
  • No blue Donut or drama.

What we want from you

  • Team player.
  • Voice comm { Mumble and TS3 }
  • Must be eager to take part in PvP operations.
  • Financially self-sufficient

For recruitment

  • Join in game channel Extreme Public
  • Eve mail me in game

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