CCP attacking structures?

There any reason why CCP would be attacking and reinforcing my structures? I haven’t done anything wrong as far as I know of… Curious as for the reason.

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If it really was CCP, you wouldn’t have those structures anymore… Could you give more information?

Do you mean NPCs are attacking your structure?

Those are probably going to be NPCs from a FOB in your system. They will attack structures and ships until the FOB is eliminated.


Its not a NPC, its a dev. Thats why I am asking

They took out one’s shield and armor the other day and one’s shield today.

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  1. Send a mail to the character shown on that report
  2. Join the Singularity chat channel and poke anyone with a CCP or ISD badge

last time one of CCP did this same to me in poitot. cockroach bypassed reinforcement timers and destroyed the structure

Unless its this corp, its not CCP, its someone else pretending:

They were but they dropped out a few days ago and made their own corp

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