CCP Burger and Torvald Uruz Corpse / Video

not sure what anything like this is worth, maybe nothing. I just figured I would throw it up and see if anyone wanted to make some offers.

In addition; I also got a Marshal DED Army Reserve SKIN from ccp burger’s ship kill. He was putting them in his cargo hold to sweeten the pot. I would also take offers on that.

1 mil for the corpses

this is still available, will let both of the corpses go together for 1b.

Set up contract can claim once am back home.

I sent you that contract on my alt ‘Majjik’ fyi,

thank you.

this sale is completed, unless the buyer backs out in which i will otherwise announce here.

edit: completed, corpse sent, 1b isk recieved. please close.

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Closed at OP’s request.