CCP/CSM Should Plan/Discuss Balance Changes More Holistically, and Should be More Inclusive to Special Case Rules

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That is what I wrote. However, before the watchlist change, at least some people had fun with them. Now almost nobody has any fun with them, as there’s only killboard padding left. I think that’s arguably worse.

But wardecs in particular aren’t the topic at hand here - they are just an example of how CCP have - at least in the past - not followed up their changes to the game with more adjustments after having had some time to see the effects. Now they are at a point where they really need a complete overhaul. But even if CCP decide to overhaul them, it will be impossible for them to know if and how every change they make will play out, until they have seen how they actually play out, because Eve players tend to not always do what CCP expect them to. A fire-and-forget approach does not work, no matter how well thought out and “wholistically” planned it may be.

Right now, there’s the change to Heavy Interdictors and ECM: CCP just changes that stuff without having a solution for the wormholers relying on the mass changing capabilities of HICs, and without buffing the now arguably weaker ECM ships right from the get go, because they want to keep an eye on the situation and make further adjustments once they actually know which adjustments are needed. I think that is the correct approach to the situation, but people are justifiably worried, because CCP have in the past often failed to do exactly what they claim they intend to do now.

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Just note that i did not read every thing but i agree that it must be considerd that any implmintation
should be compitable with other cores withing the game.

Onther note that seem CCP starting to reprogram eve completly.
So it might be the cause of the issues that happning.
They can not shutdown the servers till they finish the porgramming but yeah
looking for the future to be stable and better.

I do not agree that they give eve the ability to transform or change some icons locations
as test to player or to analayze it is data.

Last note that every thing in eve seem has issue to relay on Skills points which mean
the modules and ships dose not interact with SP correctly .

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You WILL read what I write.

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I don’t know how I missed this the first time. Thanks for taking the time to write this out.

While I don’t generally disagree with the idea of a “holistic” approach, the problem with it is that it easily becomes a path to nowhere. Every change made has the potential to impact other systems, and trying to figure out in advance every possible scenario in which something changes and determine if they’re good/bad/acceptable/unacceptable makes even the tiniest of changes months long nightmares of planning.

And, oftentimes where you comment “they didn’t foresee X” or “didn’t care about X,” it wasn’t that the potential outcome wasn’t seen - the HIC issue being front and center - it was that the outcome was seen and was planned to be dealt with later, and eventually it was. Not everything can be done at once.

It’s very easy to say “take a big picture view” but in my experience, every time you stop and try to take a big picture view, things grind to a halt, and changes get punted because they appear too big or the outcomes too uncertain.

I’d rather do the small changes, get data on what, if anything changed, and iterate off that. At least, that’s what how I’m trying to approach things when I ask for stuff.