CCP’s Top 10 (Classic) Mistakes

  1. Ignoring the importance of player communities. New feature that is run solo and requires too much attention to talk in corp chat, a OK. By contrast newer, more successful, EvE like MMOs emphasize player communities and talking in guild chat. See for example Lords Mobile.

  2. Not running proper focus groups and market surveys. While there is some irony here, CCP tends to listen to the loudest voices on the forums when looking at new features. The loudest voices on the forums are either idiots or high sec pirate that want to protect their supply of targets.

  3. Letting problems fester. CCP only handles problems when they have become ridiculous. Most likely this coincides with when they start being cited for subscription cancelations.

  4. Rube Goldberg solutions. “Our new feature fixes this problem, even though it should logically have nothing to do with it.”

  5. Abandoned content. Once a feature stops being the hot new thing, it stops being maintained. For example, was there once a plan to do something more with the COSMOS missions?

  6. Intrusive NPC content. This goes back to number 1 above. Player created content has a high retention value (not sure about high sec ganking), NPC content has a low retention value. Forcing players to come out of their, high value, player created content to deal, low value, NPC content is bad. See for example, Trigs attack null sec.

  7. The ghost of inflation. Yeah, some high profile items cost more than they once did. However, the indexes show deflation. You think there’s inflation because the price of the hot new doctrine ship is going up, but there really isn’t (according to the numbers). CCP needs to deal with deflation and the stagnant EvE economy - nobody wants to player a video game with an economy in recession in the middle or a real world recession.

  8. Inability to properly balance capital ships. When caps and supercaps were first introduced, they were glass cannons. High DPS abilities but not a proportional increase in HP. This seems to have been based on the idea that caps represented building a ship so big that the laws of “physics” got in the way. It’s been a straight line from the HP buff to supercapitals online. These things have just proven difficult to impossible to balance correctly.

  9. Failure to understand the role of high sec and the problems with low sec. EvE online is a great refutation of Lawrence Lessig’s book Code. Player derived security in null is clearly superior to code derived security in high sec. On the other hand, high sec persists neutral space that is not ownable. Lowsec that relies on code that doesn’t provide useful protection is the dung heap of EvE. Unless CCP is willing to provide high rewards in low sec than null, reward will never exceed risk.

  10. Placing the artist purity of the game over business concerns. If player numbers drop off it hurts player communities. There is also a point where the plug is going to get pulled on the servers. I hate to say it, but for the health of the game CCP needs to curb their artistic vision in the name of player retention.


so what are your solutions?


Funny, because some people complain that CCP tries to funnel players into large player communities.

They do both. So I guess the real problem is that they aren’t listening to you. You claim they only listen to loud idiots, but have you tried building a consensus with your fellow players? I mean, why do you think your beliefs and priorities are more valid that other players and segments of the community?

Well, they probably could improve in this regard. However, they also don’t have unlimited resources, and need to pick and chose what problems to address based upon impact and effort required. So, I try to cut them some slack for not fixing everything overnight.

You’ll have to explain this one to me. But it sounds like you fail to appreciate just how complicated the player sandbox is.

I actually agree with this one. They sometimes roll out broken/unfinished content, which results in low engagement, which makes it hard for CCP to justify spending additional resources fix/polish/flesh it out. You think that they would have learned their lesson by now, but apparently not. And now Pochven is in danger of being the next victim.

Okay, they did go overboard with the drifters in NS, but lot of players love the PvE side of Eve (and Eve is supposed to be dangerous). So, just because you find it intrusive, that doesn’t mean that everyone does. A lot of people love engaging with the new NPC content, as well as the emergent game play opportunities that they can provide.

This one is a can of worms, so I’m going to skip it for now. Suffice it to say, I disagree with your assessment.

I’ll give you this one.

Get out of here. HS is doing fine, and if they have made any mistakes with it, it is in making it too safe. Now, LS is another issue, and it has languished as CCP has largely ignored it. However, they did give it the best loot tables for the last event, and did do a LS exclusive event a while back, so they do seem to understand that it needs better rewards. Unfortunately, they’re also trying to address unsustainable economic activity right now. So, that likely makes their job harder. Hopefully, they’ll be able to figure something out sooner, rather than later.

So yeah, there’s this pervasive conspiracy theory going around that CCP has introduced resource scarcity in order to sell more plex. In other words, they are accusing CCP of putting business concerns over the “artist purity”. Since this idea is mutually exclusive with yours, at least one of you wrong. Of course, I think both of you are. They appear to balancing both concerns in a (mostly) healthy manner. Oh, and they’ve also been trying to address player retention, or have you missed all the people complaining about CCP spending too much resources on improving new player retention. In short, you’re complaining about them not working on something that they are actually working on.

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@Jas_Dor if you want to work on the points that shipwreck mentioned, you could always try to run for the next CSM and see how hard it really is to get through to CCP. ask @Brisc_Rubal or @Mike_Azariah they have good experience working with CCP and how hardheaded CCP can be.

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LOL, folks never have solutions, they just like to complain.


CCP’s biggest mistake was giving free to play option for Alpha Clones.

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I will just watch this post little bit more before answer properely…Because i am a player who come with some some solid sugestions and solutions.

OP post most of those issues %100 STRAIGHT TRUTH !

And sometimes accepting the truth and face it is the biggest step on the way to solve it !

If all those vets acting like that way and thinking defending CCP doing good for CCP … thats wrong you are harming more than helping them to see through.

I disagree with all except 5 and 8.

Nice list, but most of those mistakes are just your opinion.

But… Alpha clones are great! They are the reason I tried the game (and subscribed pretty much immediately after). They’re limited, but the limits are in a good place.

What do you think is wrong with Alpha clones?

CCP hired Rattati which was a giant mistake.

Just what I said in my original post, CCP gave them the option to play for free.

I remember when the original idea to implement Alpha Clones was first presented, it was to get players to try the game and then due to having very limited access to game content, basically entice them to subscribe to Omega.

And yes I know you said Alpha Clones are limited, however over time Alpha Clones have been granted access to a lot more stuff compared to when they were first implemented. In my opinion what CCP has done with that is make it more enticing to play the game for free instead of paying for a subscription.

CCP wouldn’t be here if they didn’t use alpha clones. A lot of subscription games follow this model. Usually with a restricted FTP behind a premium subscription wall.

zrobienie z kosmIcznej gry jebanego reality show

I think you have point their %100 But FYI nobody knows why … why don’t you just make a post explain and share voice records etc and all?

writing single sentence posts to different forum posts will not make any sense to anyone believe me …

I have wrote why in many places on these forums but the MODS keep deleting those post. get in and convo me please

Above all I hate how CCP abandon content. I remember the blowback from Incarna, which was mostly due to a monocle costing about a years worth of gametime and no way to buy aura in game (could only do it with real money). A lot of the criticism regarding space barbies stemmed from that.

CCP’s solution? - F*ck it, pull walking in stations completely and shut that down. Had they continued to develop that in the background there would be more competition for SS and all the other debutante space MMO’s now. There was a lot that could have been done with it, hand to hand combat (like MMA matches in station) for example and other typical WASD control type minigames.

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  1. Abo PLEXing.
  1. EVE has in-game chat, everybody has voice comms. There’s no need to prioritize typing when you can talk.

  2. This is not true. Besides the CSM, they do surveys all the time, and they’ve done focus groups in the past.

  3. When you have limited resources, you focus on the biggest issues first. This means things that aren’t that big a deal but are problems tend to get skipped.

  4. No idea what this means.

  5. This is absolutely correct.

  6. Agreed.

  7. Agreed.

  8. This is a perennial issue, and it goes to the problem that these ships are designed primarily for PvP, and then get adapted into PvE and the balance issues follow. I don’t think we’re ever going to get to a 100% great balance, so this is an on-going thing.

  9. Lowsec has some of the best rewards in the game, it still isn’t being utilized to its fullest extent, because people don’t want to live there. It’s less about rewards and more about the space itself, why people own and hold space, and the like.

  10. I do agree that there’s no need to be wedded to this grimdark stuff.

Some good points, some bad, in my opinion. Thanks for writing it out.

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