CCP, Future is Primary, Focus Fire

Since blackout will end very soon and with that, everything except cynos will be back to normal, I think it’s time to find and execute a solution that can be active and in place for many years, if not for ever. If the Nullsec regions stay like they used to before blackout, EVE will slowly dry out until it eventually dies.
Because of excessive farming of anomalies and ore sites, the economy of eve is in the worst shape ever, to the point where it is not tolerable anymore. Same goes for capital proliferation, which is also caused by the massive income and the massive amounts of ore that can be harvested without any drawbacks whatsoever.

To fix this problems should be CCPs primary goal now. There is no need for making eve future-proof in any other way if it isn’t going to have one in the first place. Nullsec is where stories are written, battles are fought and empires are formed. It is kind of like EVEs heart but at the moment it’s about to stop beating.

CCP Hilmar himself got the idea for procedural and dynamic wealth distribution among the regions of 0.0. I too see this as the best way to solve the current problems. CCP should focus on a reversed Industrial / Military Index-System which gets more and more restrictive, the more NPCs are eliminated and the more ore is mined. On top of the 5 Levels of index we currently have, there should be added 5 more. The higher you go above the current maximum (Level 5) the less anomalies spawn/ bounty is paid and the less ore sites spawn / the less ore is inside those sites. (Maybe tweak the thresholds of the old indexes as well?) Since I am no developer I cannot say if this is easy or hard to implement, however I believe it would be necessary to end the ongoing status quo.

With this system in place, large alliances are forced to either regulate their mining and ratting, or spread out more, which also lowers the efficiency of supercap umbrellas.
There should be an optimum at which a handful of people can mine and rat in a system without any drawbacks. This ensures that even small corps or alliances can live in 0.0 without the need to claim and hold a large amount of systems.

If resources are scarce, conflict will start to rise again. Having control over a large amount of systems, to ensure the inflow of minerals and money will be important once more. It would be a step forward into the right direction. Having different limits for saturation in certain areas of space could also be interesting.

Thanks for reading!


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Dude your war is not against people playing the game in null sec …your vendetta should be against botters.

It is against all the people in 0.0, no matter if bot or not, that benefit from unrestricted mechanics without any drawbacks in 0.0. Botting would stop with those changes as well. No more things to shoot = no more things to do for bots. Maybe it would then be a major interest of the big blocks to keep their space free of bots, since they would really take away the ore and bounty from real players.

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Thank you for the enjoyable read.

Having said that CCP will never do anything and the imbalance in Nulls rewards will kill the game.

CCP have dragged their feet on fixing null for a decade and now they caved. Give it up EvE was a good game but its not going to be vibrant enough to actually pay cash for.


There’s already a thread on the blackout here.

Another is not needed, place your feedback and theories there.