CCP just removed the New word, where are my lists of watched topics

CCP apparently had time to change the UI so that it only shows the New word when there are new things to display. When can I expect a list of all watched or tracking topics to be implemented, something that would be a lot more useful than to not see New when there is nothing new.

if you go to the hamburger menu in the top right, you can see a number of options. New, latest, unread.

unread is the one you want :wink:

No, it is not. What I want is a list of all topics that I am watching. Or does Unread also list topics that have no new posts? Nope, it does not. So, unless someone responds to a topic it is not listed in Unread.


easiest way to get a list of all the topics you have tracked is:

search for

That’ll list off all the topics which you currently have tracked.

(there’s also in:watching )

Thanks. I keep those commands in mind. Would be nice if they were listed in the FAQ. Not that I would have looked there but it would be a nice place for knowing people like you to point questioners to. :slight_smile:

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