CCP, Provides! Nvidia GeForce Now - Re-enabled

I’ll renew my subscription whenever they get this sorted out.

Seems like they are having an issue with the Anti-Cheat tool used for Vanguard, and since its all bundled into the same launcher its causing issues with Eve.

Can I just say this, I hate 3rd party launchers. Please just run the game directly


I hope it can be resolved because having good graphics is a big part of the Vanguard experience

CCP don’t break our Eve-experience over a game I don’t even want to play

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Thank you for flagging this issue. We are aware of it and are actively working with GeForce Now to get the issue resolved.


Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this!

I am glad to hear that this is being addressed. I was worried that CCP was thinking of pulling the game off of the service for good, seeing how long it’s been offline on GFN. I am happy to hear it is not the case.

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Skipping a few weeks ahead.
Still offline on GFN, no ticket updates unfortunately

And so, the third month of the “EvE Offline” marathon is underway

fyi, it works for non steam/epic access…

It even has latest NERF options enabled. tried Ctrl+F → :oz for Outback AIR experience :stuck_out_tongue:

And it shows no Vanguard character slot :thinking:

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I just tried the CCP launcher and got the following error message for the last hour or so:


Steam and Epic remain under maintenance.

I hope CCP gets this sorted soon because its been going on since late January.

Its not a ccp issue. Its geforce

It is working again, even on my mobile

Much love CCP

You are correct. The Geforce Now servers for the North East USA region are all offline for maintenance. I only discovered this when I noticed my other games were getting error codes as well. I switched to East servers and it now works (along with the rest of my games). Huzzah!