GeForce NOW

Hi, does anyone know what happens with EVE on GeForce NOW? The game has been in patched mode for a long time, it cannot be played from this platform.

PD: I’m not sure, but according to what some friends tell me, this problem has been going on for 1 month, maybe more.

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My bet It’s because of EVE Vanguard not being ready for GFN yet and it being tied to new EVE Launcher.

I guess when CCP London devise a way to gate Vanguard downloads on GFN EVE Online will be playable again.

BTW, EVE Online was working with the new launcher for a day or two before January Vanguard playtest. Then it went offline with no eta.

Thank you for flagging this issue. We are aware of it and are actively working with GeForce Now to get the issue resolved.


any updates on this? it’s still offline non playable… paying subscription for nothing

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Agreed w/ M.V. above me - any updates?

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