CCP, Provides! Nvidia GeForce Now - Re-enabled

Don’t know if this is the correct place, but Eve is unavailable for a week now on Geforce Now.

Already have an open ticket with Nvidia, but they don’t seem to understand where it is coming from. Can it be something like Their IP being blocked on DDOS protection on CCP side?

It’s for all services (Epic/Steam/Native client) login.

Any help CCP can provide to Nvidia?


Doesn’t work for me either.

This is what I found on NVIDIA forum. Looks like it’s an issue with NVIDIA and not CCP.

Okay so i’m back after about a week of research and my results are annoying as ■■■■, there is a work around with it on how you can choose the “Manage Steam” option but in some cases (including mine) a day or two ago the manage steam option stopped working. so i decided to look into it a bit with my friend. turns out theres 2 MAJOR problems ,but with Geforce Now its not a launcher problem, its an account problem. you can have a problem where you wont be able to use the “Manage Steam” option and it show up saying “Could not start your session try again later” and as of now will never work and if you get past that you could have another problem inside steam itself where the games you could try to launch would come up with some variety of the “x86 file error” (in which geforce now has no way around so your pretty much ■■■■■■) if you manage to get past that as well your pretty much in the clear though if it says you dont have UDKInstall permission just ignore it, doesn’t matter just hit “Ok” on it, then it will say the launcher needs un update just hit ok and let it do its thing, re-open itll say something along the lines of pre-install junk just hit yes, another pop up hit yes again. login if the play button is locked just retry. but in sum ups, as of now you wont be able to solve this problem as it is account based you can use a different computer and the results will be the same sadly. If you have a friend on the other hand who isn’t having these problems though, (consider them one of the luckiest bastards using this right now) you can use there account and everything will work smooth as butter in theory. But until then All we can do is wait for Geforce to fix their sh-

I don’t understand why someone is getting another app to run Steam, rather than just running Steam on its own. What is the advantage of Geforce Now ?


GeForce Now runs the game on NVIDIAs servers instead of your own PC. I was impressed with how well it worked when i tried it. And no i didnt multibox.

Beats me. I have both Steam and Geforce and have no issue whatsoever but I didn’t sign up for GeForce Now. Maybe their Geforce was configured to look for their games on Steam. My GeForce reads my Steam games but doesn’t act on anything like clients and such.

“GeForce NOW connects to digital PC game stores so you can stream the games you already own. Plus, game purchases you make on your personal store accounts will always stay with you.”
So it’s a cloud gaming service. Not a requirement by far.

For some people GeForce now is a great way to play EVE online at high settings with good fps.

Not sure if EVE Online runs on Mac or Linux, but if it dont, GeForce Now is also a great way to play games that dont run on Mac or Linux while still using Mac or Linux.


Eve has a mac client. If you paid proper attention to the forums you would know this. As far as linux, eve “works” but its the linux folks that keep it working.


Very predictable response. im just commenting what Geforce Now is and what potential i think it has but you get political and demeaning :smiley: go fk yourself :slight_smile:

Cloud gaming apparently is a thing. Don’t need a $2000 PC to run the best games and you can crank up graphics to max because it’s all on the cloud. Only thing you need is semi decent internet.

Not really too interested in it. :man_shrugging: EVE Anywhere was really cool tho.

Most people who like games would have bought a nice gaming rig… It’s why you don’t see gaming cafe’s in the US. As we all have good rigs XD It’s a good idea in the poor countries and also why gaming cafe’s are everywhere in South America.

Thanks to you and others for sharing your experience / information.

The latest update on the ticket from Nvidia was (in essence) "We don’t know, just wait. We will close your ticket in 72h"

I send them that it is a paid service that they provide and that a little bit more active support is desired.


At least you got a response. I’m shocked!

I noticed this, too. I like to play Eve on my Chromebook when I can’t be in front of my PC, so it is a bummer that it doesn’t work at the moment. Too bad CCP shuttered Eve Anywhere, but I suspect they did because they didn’t see the point of running their cloud-based service when nVidia was doing it for them already.

Be that as it may, I think the problem is not with nVidia but with how Eve Online was running on the service. About a week before the game was put into maintenance, I had a session where Eve was acting oddly. For example, a bunch of modules on my ship wouldn’t power up even though they would run just fine when I flew the ship on the PC client. Weird stuff like that (the UI was all jacked up, too). If I had to guess, something was breaking when the Eve client was run via the cloud.

Hopefully CCP/nVidia gets this sorted out soon.

I think it might be Vanguard playtest related :stuck_out_tongue:

Two days just before January playtest started GFN has updated EVE Online to newest launcher, capable of starting Vanguard client. Since CCP London team is not ready yet to let Vanguard run on GFN I guess they simply disabled whole EVE launcher until after playtest ends on 2024-01-29T12:00:00Z

This does seem like a possible reason. However, I’m not seeing any updates after the closing of the play test.

Does CCP have a contribution/update on this issue ?

Yeah, it still does not work.

Team is still working on it, they SAY that they are working together with CCP on the issue.

Maybe CCP can elaborate in the issue?
This is not another abandoned project right?
Like Eve Anywhere?

Are there any updates on this?

Only that the Nvidia Maintenance team is working on making the client ready.

This is the responds I got yesterday

“Sorry, but yes the game (eve online) is still under maintenance mode. The developer team is working on the game bugs and to optimize the game for geforce now.”

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Well new update after I keep stalking Nvidia Customer Support.

Still no solution, but it has now been escalated to a “Level 2 tech” back-end Engineer. This might mean more to others than me. But if feels like they are doing something