CCP Stop Trolling Customers

Stop with the faction rats that drop no loot.



If they all dropped loot, it wouldn’t be worth anything. Basic law of supply and demand.


i’m sure NPC would be happy to petition you for being weak and lost a chance to pop your shiny ratting ship.


Awwww… ratting drama

Exactly this.

If drop chance is, for example, 50% then the loot will be twice as valuable than if chance would be 100%. That’s why I really don’t care about drop chance changes over the years, in the end nothing really changes.

You should if you have a bunch saved up from before the change was increased (or in the current case when the was decrease and you make bank :slight_smile: )

No. Really, no.

See, if “they all” dropped loot then “they all” would still be a fleetingly vanishing phenomena in the belts of the outer ring. Faction rats are as lazy as hell. No work ethic. You never see them.

And even if they did drop modules every time they were killed, so what? Is that really going to break the bank?

CCP are mean spirited and the loot fairy needs a spanking.

Faction rats to drop 1-3 faction modules ALWAYS. In NPC nul.

ok allow loot drops for an incursion that can be finished in a set number of sites before all you have is the super left

That idea is dumb and you are dumb pls remove yourself from my forums
Hello ISDs How do I delete someone elses post?

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You have OFFENDED me.

Where are the police?

I am going to cry until they come.

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Well you could say the ISDs/CCP is the police in this situation

In fact, stop with the nulsec combat sigs that drop no loot.

Drop faction lootz at ALL the combat sigs in nul sec.

And remove local.

see how many people hunt this out though… if you want content, you need some payout… lol

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