CCP who is the real Triglavian. Moo might know

i kinda wanna know who came up with the name of the new race the Triglavian because it seems like he/she or they like Master of orion (Moo 2-3) there is a race called Trilarian which is really similar to the new race Triglavian and the Moo’s Trilarian is a Transdimensional specie which also correlate with the Triglavian where you can only get to their space by opening a wormhole

never knew about that mythology

It’s certainly one of the more obscure mythologies for them to draw inspiration from. I’m keenly interested in learning how the “three-headed” bit comes into play with the Triglavian Collective’s social organization/power structure.

ye it would be cool to get abit of a lore on them and to why they are at war with the drifter guys
also my best guess it either a power war or that the Triglavian contain some kind of tech that the drifter guys want assuming that they suffer from the same dna problem as the jovian assuming the drifter is a subfaction of the jovian race
and that the core faction of jovians wanne fix their problem them self and the drifter is a subfaction of the joves that dont wanna wait and then try to go to war with another highly intelligent race

fyi i havent read the lore of the jovian or drifter so i dont know it have all ready been told

What I would like to know is how, lore wise, the Earth lore and mythologies made into 20-something millennium New Eden, considering that at 2018AD we still can’t reliably pull our historic $hit together and all those mythologies are… well, myths (read, stuff almost devoid of facts and consisting mostly of interpretation of sparse high-noise-to-signal-ratio pieces).

Lore-wise, enough data was left over from before the cataclysm that closed the EVE Gate to do stuff like reconstruct the pre-collapse calendar. It’s not too much of a stretch that there might have been some archived cultural knowledge that survived the post-collapse Dark Age. It’s the only explanation for the Wolf being named after a “mythical beast”, the Caldari ship nicknames, and especially the Gallente ship names.

It does walk on that knife’s edge, so close to breaking the immersion.

I can neither confirm, nor deny that I know.


Then they are much closer to what the Antarans are in that regard.

They were cthulhu fashioned. Triglavians are slav fasioned. 3 stripes, slav mythology, vodka.


Masters 0f Ownage.

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