Celestial Precision - Mining / Industry focused bros, supporting each other

Celestial Precision

looking to establish a core group of guys who are interested in mining, industry, mission running and going out on the occasional low sec pvp roam

real life always comes first

the idea is to get a group of guys together so someone is always online you can mine / chat / mission run with

this corp is targeted towards the casual player who needs to focus on real life but still wants to be part of a corporation.

id like to invite you and your friends to join Blazing Capsules in a opportunity for PVE and p[lenty of INDY with roams join our public channel Blazing Capsules and we will try to help

I’d like to invite you and your friends to join celestial precision or our alliance “Loading”

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We’ve been aggressively growing over the last few weeks and now have 10+ active celestials online at all times. Join us for some high sec fun

I’d like join your corp. Chat services is down for Eve on my computer. Do you guys have a discord? What TZ are you? I’m US PST

How many members do you currently have and where do i sign up!

Our corp is super relaxed, and its growing fast!

Want to mine in a fleet? Shoot at sansha pirates in signatures? Enjoy a nice cup of replicator coffee on the bridge of your retriever while chatting with some really amicable people?
Celestial Precision is the place for you!

about to break 100 members, 60 of which are individual real people.
we also are members of the alliance “loading” which adds another 30 members.

I’m interested, where can i learn a little more?

sorry for the late reply, I am not good at checking the forums. I sent you a message in game and started a conversation and invited you to our public channel.

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