Celtic Anarchy is recruiting - 0.0 PVP

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We are looking for pilots to join our small corp (within an alliance) who are interested in PvP mainly, but you are also welcome to run some PVE to support income.

We are a small but tight group, some of us have been playing together for over 10 years. We focus on small gang PvP, but welcome players who wish to run missions etc.

What we are looking for is genuine, mature but fun personality, and someone who understands that real life comes first - work and family.

At least 10mil SP is required to join - if you fall short on this then chat with one of us anyway.

We are based in Tenerifis and hold Sov within the alliance.

Our players are mainly EU, but alliance is mainly US

To join we would need firstly a chat on TS followed by full API.

Recruitment channel - KOS Recruitment

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First bump, HEEEYAW!!!

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Daily bump - Recruiting

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Celtic Anarchy recruiting, join us!

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We are recruiting, join us for the pew!

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KOS recruiting still!

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Celtic Anarchy recruiting, join now!

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Join us for l33t pew

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Recruiting, yes.

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Were recruiting and growing, join up!

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KOS, EU TZ corp, with some US TZ pitched in, join us ladies, gentlemen and children!