Celtic Anarchy, part of Dead Terrorists, are recruiting

Celtic Anarchy, part of Dead Terrorists, are recruiting

We are a looking for awesome individuals to join our PvP corp. We are primarily EU time-zone with most of our members from the UK, but we also have members from Norway, Germany and Canada.

We are part of Dead Terrorists alliance and base from a WH with a null sec static. What that means is that we always have a static entry into a random 0.0 system.

We use this wormhole to facilitate bi-weekly PvP fleets (Sunday and Tuesday) and small gang PvP on the other nights.

Our Sunday and Tuesday fleets are highly organised using doctrine setups where we hunt for large scale skirmishes, usually outnumbered. Our small gang PvP can vary from filament roams to nano gorilla hit and run fun.

Celtic Anarchy was formed in 2005 and was famous back in the day for speed setups: Nano vagabonds, 10km/s plus inti squads, and other crazy fast battleship fleets. Today’s meta is very different with these setups not working, however where possible we like to favour our roots.

What we are looking for:

  • Players which embrace a ‘real life comes first’ mentality. We are casual gamers, many with families and work commitments.
  • Personality: creating an effective environment where we all have fun together is a priority.
  • PvP: We are a PvP corp. We would expect any applicants to be able to demonstrate a little competence in this area. However, we enjoy developing anyone who has an interest but little experience.

What we can offer:

  • A very competent PvP alliance
  • Structured PvP fleets twice a week
  • Small gang PvP
  • A relaxed environment
  • A separate isk making venture

Please contact me in game if you are interested or require further information: Kabalevsky

You can also join our public chat room [Celts and friends Public] where I will be mostly online, but quite possibly afk. I will however get back to you if you leave a message.


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We just LOVE newcomers, join up!



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We’ve got 8 spots left before we close our doors. Come hear what we have to say before we close our doors.

only a couple spots left!

Is there still a spot left?

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