DEAD TERRORISTS - WH PVP alliance seeking players, pvp and industry

Dead Terrorists is a long living and well established pvp focused community dating back to the start of the game. We have fought all over eve from lowsec to nullsec and wormholes.

That same community of RL friends and family that has been going since the beginning is still here today going strong in in wormhole space.

We are an EU TZ alliance. While we would welcome US and Pacific players it would not be much fun for you :-/

What we offer :

No pressure RL focused PVP consisting of 2 regular ops a week, Sunday and Tuesday nights 18.30 - 21:00 eve. This is mostly whale hunting in our null static. But we also hook up with old lowsec groups to fight people when timings and connections match up.

A family and friends environment, we are all older players mostly in our 30s but some much older and wiser too. We all have families and responsibilities so the regular ops work well.

Very experienced and well organized fleets.

No alarm clocks, no pressure, no angry ‘I’m elite’ hot pocket guzzlers, no drama.

RL meet ups. Every so often we will me up (usually in the UK) for birthdays, stag parties and even weddings!

Industry, we have a number of large rigged structures for t2 and t3 reactions and production as well as a sea of moons to be mined. We have some exquisite planets too, allowing the construction of all but 1 P4 item.

We have connections in the largest null blocks, so can get ratting alts etc into them very easily.

What we’re looking for:

EU PvPers and industrialists, either individuals or a small corp. Industrialists will not be expected to PVP if they don’t want to but the opportunity will always be there.

Relaxed mature players.

The ability to fly either a legion, guardian, bhaalgirn or nestor
Ability to use voice comms (we use TS and Discord).

If this sounds like a good fit for you give the following people a poke :

Brenda Smith

Also join ingame channel EAKFOREVER


Still looking

Still open

Still here

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