[CERTIFIED MERCENARIES ✅ ] - The Marmite Collective - 😈


(Sol epoch) #1212

Vergeet niet dat ik oude tijd marmite ben!

(Tora Bushido) #1213

Marmite was created by my old CEO Sweet Trader. And yes, you either love it or hate it…

(Sweet Trader) #1214

Let no-one besmirch the character of the condiment.

(Raze He11) #1215

It’s the sludge left over from brewing beer with salt added, it needs besmirching. As for the corporation or alliance…don’t know or care.

(Tora Bushido) #1216

It’s lonely at the top, but we’ll manage. :smirk:

(Tora Bushido) #1217

If you poke a bear long enough, one day he’ll come to you and bite your head off. :kissing_heart:

(Tora Bushido) #1218

Marmites, what else?

(Pheonix Jr) #1219

forums are much slower without yoasus and friends here to drop salt about their long lost alliance :thinking:

Maybe we should consider what we did to vmg a public service?

(Natural CloneKiller) #1220

Why did you not set up one of our fleets in a fight. All you did was set up kicksh and give us a reason to let the poco empire drop. The rest has enabled us to reinvent ourselves in both high sec and wh space. Marmite and riot still run from us. You guys would never fight us head on. No offence but if i had die doing what he did he would have made a bigger impact than he did.

Even when i challenged tora to an organised fight he still would not take it.

(Lukka Hawke) #1221

Cause that would have been easy.

You mean Join Holesale.

Why would we do that? We fight on our terms not our enemys.

(Natural CloneKiller) #1222

Lol. Confirming you have no idea. Setting up one of our 40 bil fleets would hurt more trust me. Especially if you had worked with our enemies. It basically shows a lack of co ordination and effort. You took the easy option.

And yes join holesale. Not sure what the issue is there. We have taken active leadership roles and bring in contracts for our player base.

You had an insider lol. Fighting on your terms was easy. Yet you failed to organise anything from a pvp perspective. Mainly as the others were offline or afk.

Vmg was getting boring for alot of us as there is little challenge to high sec.

(tainted demon) #1223

If the poco empire contract was going to drop because a few ppl started shooting them and none of you could be bothered dealing with it. why were you taking omega’s isk to do nothing?

Kickah was an easy target because he was the only active one, the rest of you only flew with blues or stayed docked. we saw what everyone was saying and complaining about in whatsapp. Kickah was trying to get VMG members to roam with him and have fun but nobody ever went with him. Don’t forget you even shipped down to a stratios for moving about.

Any time the rest of you took out a fort fleet out. you surrounded yourself by blues… you still do, Even when the owner had 2-3 abaddons to defend, you called in for help. This is the reason for this btw -

when your blue with any real content, killing off developing future content while complaining about a lack of content :wink:

We didn’t leave VMG and complain about you guys relying on others to prop you up so much, to then go do the same thing against you. Makes sense why that would be your plan as usual though LOL

(Tora Bushido) #1224

Hire Marmites, we dont need our blues to show off (we actually have more than 4 active members). We killed ten’s of billions from WHOSALE, Destroyed hundreds of OMEGA pocos and destroyed alliances under protection from so called mercs, Just to name a few things.

If you brag about things, do it about things you actually accomplished yourself. It’s like Marmite joining Goons and bragging we hold so much sov. Kinda makes you look stupid.

(Lukka Hawke) #1225

@Natural_CloneKiller Tobias is your spirit animal

(Natural CloneKiller) #1226

Lets agree to disagree. If i had die in the position he did, he would have done far more damage.

(Dom Arkaral) #1227

What a nice thing to say about a “friend” eh?..

Free bump for Marmites, good lads, still not dead :wink:

(Natural CloneKiller) #1228

In response.


If you want to pay me isk ill school you so you can apply to marmites or riot one day. Start low and work your way up to vendetta level.

(Lukka Hawke) #1229

If you want to pay me isk i’ll teach ya how to steal marmite or
riot one day.

(Alocer Agaliarept) #1230

Aww thank you for the compliment, But unfortunately you are mistaken, as lukka is already Vendetta level, seeing as we now own Vendetta Mercenary Group. And besides, khrom said himself that the events which took place were a good reason to walk away from the game, Kind of deflates your “It’s just a name”. At this point your damage control doesn’t actually do any damage control, most of your “friends” have moved on because they no longer trust your leadership, You have turned into pets of holesale and literal dock rats sitting on 4-4 all day. Not only are you at the bottom of this barrel but you are desperately trying to stay relevant, But here is a hint… Sitting on 4-4 in a blob screaming “Fite my blues” since you cannot fight for yourself is definitely not the way to go. And further more why are you cluttering the marmite thread with an atron kill of all things. At least brag when you get 2 machariels and a garbage fitt proteus and some guardians, Then and only then will you be on our level.

You have been defeated out played and publicly humiliated, At this point your words don’t show any strength just pure desperation.

(Pheonix Jr) #1231

i was going to reply to natural but you just said all that needs to be said. good one myman