[CH3SS] C4 Wormhole Corp seeks willing participants to explore our holes

Digital Chess Session is opening up and is ready to receive more willing bodies into our hole. No experience in Chess necessary. Knight to E6. Come say hi in #R.Ch3ss and one of our recruiters will (be in) touch (with) you. (Or message Miwanow Kregoolan in game)

Who we are: C4 Wormhole corp with C2/3 Connections, Newbie Friendly, Ran by Veterans

(Have you heard of our Lord and Saviour Bob?)

What we do: Dank fights, Weekly roams/fun stuff, Out of game memes, have fun. (Sobriety Optional)

Requirements to join:

  • Interview with a recruiter.
  • ESI check
  • Cloaking 4 (Covert Ops)
  • Omega Clone Status
  • Willing to train for doctrine ships
  • A sense of humour
  • Brand on your taint. (Brand will be applied by our CEO after one week, Please ignore the laughter)
  • Discord/Teamspeak for comms and pings, and most importantly, memes
  • A sensible haircut

What you can expect:

  • Clone Bays
  • Buyback services
  • Logistical services
  • Memes
  • SRP
  • Innuendos
  • In your endos
  • And more!

Swing by and we’ll get to know each other inside outling participants to explore our holes

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