Digital Ch3ss Session Seeking Active Pilots

Digital Ch3ss Session

A C4 PvP wormhole corporation.

Who we are: Salt Farmers. Chess can meme it. You can help.

What we do: We scan scout and engage small - mid-size PvP content on the daily and set up regularish PvP-ops.

What we offer our members:

  • CloneBays

  • Buyback services

  • Logistical services

  • Discord and TS3

  • Memes

  • SRP and more!

What our Members bring to the corp:

  • Cloaking

  • Willingness to train for defense doctrine

  • A love of memes

  • On comms(TS3)

  • Ability to learn and to follow directions.

Who we want and why we want them:

  • Explorers, You don’t need to die alone. Be on comms and become a content creator! Who cares about the Heron loss when people get to pew?

  • PvPers, tired of pressing f1 with a group of strangers? Chess can teach you how to fly that ship beyond anchor and f1.

  • Newbros, we want to teach you everything we possibly can in fact we specialize in training newbros on wormhole, hunting and ship mechanics.

  • Anyone who wants to PvP. Look ship explosions give us erotic feelings and if it gives you that too come join the support group you’ll love it here.

Join the in-game channel R.CH3SS and talk to a recruiter now.


Praise Bob!
Good corp
Good peeps
Would recommend


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