[Digital Ch3ss Session C4 Wormhole Corp] Looking for love in all the right place

Digital Ch3ss Session is opening up her heart (C4) again, ready to add more pilots to this very open relationship. Already an established corporation she is ready to welcome all into the folds and grow together. Digital Ch3ss session is a considerate and gentle lover. You will know of her in the channel #R.Ch3ss. Her assistants will learn about you (Interview), they will learn of your past (ESI added to our website) and determine if you will grow and prosper with Digital Ch3ss Session. Digital Ch3ss session will provide a home for you, she will offer you many ways to stay in contact (TeamSpeak and Discord) and, She will fatten you up with content both PvP and PvE.

Must be 420/booze/porn friendly
Must be ok with Crass language

Requirements to join:

  • Interview with a recruiter.
  • ESI check
  • A sensible haircut
  • Cloaking 4
  • Active involvement in day to day wormhole life.
  • Willing to train for doctrine ships
  • A sense of humor
  • Skin elasticity check
  • And a brand on your taint

What you can expect:

  • CloneBays
  • Buyback services
  • Logistical services
  • Discord and TeamSpeak
  • Memes
  • SRP
  • And more!

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