Challenge Gaive - Week1: Accepting challenges

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Well hello there forum people! I’ve been ‘on’ the forums and Reddit since I started playing EVE about a year ago, but only for reading, never for interacting.

That’s about to change.

I read this r/eve post by r/Unlikely_Explanation and it struck a chord with me. I love the community of this game and how amazingly people can link third-party tools and sites with actual in-game information. Everything can be so integrated and I love watching all the Twitch, youTube and other real time shows/gameplay when I can’t play.

But I’ve never tried to make a contribution myself.

I’m a new-ish player who, probably, should have had more experience than I have based on my time playing. I started playing with an industry friend and so, initially, I spent a lot of time skilling in to research stuff. Only since my time in RvB did I try to skill in to actual spaceship flying (seems like an obvious thing to do now…) and since I’ve been in Brave have I actually tried to use those skill (virtual, not actual :wink: ).

That pre-amble to say: I need to branch out. I love the game but have barely done anything new myself, I’ve followed others (joining fleets, copying fits, being guided in to skill paths, hell the first thing I started doing was helping research someone else’s blueprints!) rather than lead myself.

So now, inspired by that reddit post, I’m going to challenge myself a bit more. Well… I’m going to let you guys challenge me a bit more :wink: (yes, the irony is not lost on me). Starting from now I’m going to accept a weekly challenge.

I’m sure it will evolve but the plan at this point is to accept a bunch of challenge submissions from you guys and put up a poll with the best 3/4 challenges and leave it up to the community to decide. I’ll only filter out ones that I can’t do (due to fitting restrictions or ISK maybe) but otherwise I’ll try leave it as open as possible but I’ll submit a video/writeup with the results of each challenge.

If anyone is interested in this, start submitting some challenge suggestions for this week and I’ll start next Monday! If there isn’t enough interest I’ll make some up until (IF!) this gains some traction.

Fingers crossed this works out, even if it only lasts a few weeks I’m sure I’ll get something out of it :smiley:


Interesting thread, I’m sure there’s some limitations involved that will filter the challenges.

Anyway, guess I’ll start it off by submitting this challenge = Visit every system in known space while piloting a small hull class ship and document the trip.

This could be an on-going challenge since it obviously can’t be completed within a short time period. Could document it by taking screen shots of Star Map stat ‘Systems Visited’. Use any type of Frigate or Destroyer to complete the task.

Anyway, good luck with your quest to complete player challenges.

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A straight forward challenge: Track down and apply hugs to a member of Signal Cartel (tackle, apply ECM, and shoot any combination of fireworks/snowballs).

  • Create a new char
  • Wait for the inevitable blind corp invites that you’ll receive.
  • Join them, when they’re a “new player corp”.
  • if you find out that they’re a shitty corp, report them in Crime and Punishment, so they can be dealt with.
  • Do not quit the corp, because now you’re a spy.
  • though if the corp (CEO, etc) actually plays with their noobs and helps them, find another one.

There’s your first challenge. Provide sufficient proof (screenshots, chatlogs, explanations… use your brain!) and i’ll reward it with 100 million isk when you find one that harms the game.

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Challenge proposals, choose one:

Easy : Kill a ganker in a Venture, provide killmail and theorycrafting process if successful.

Intermediate : Pick a random newbro from any of the help channels, ideally someone annoyed with getting ganked/blobbed, frustrated, about to leave this game. Take him under your wings, give him advice and training. Provide fittings and ISK, the goal should be to help him getting his first solo kill, yes, solo. You can team up with him to get him more accustomed to fighting, but the goal here is to make him understand that there are alternatives to the old +1 solution. Post killmail, discussions, reactions etc.

Hard : Pick a random shitposter on reddit, find out who his IG toons are, where they live, their activities and plan an attack on one of them. Provide details on how you came up with the intel, theorycrafting, how you set up your ambush, what went down, how much salt dropped etc.


Get your first third solo kill.
In a brawling Atron.
In Faction Warfare Lowsec.

Your goal is to find a fit, fit it up and roam FW Lowsec to get a fight and ultimately a solo kill. Assuming you don’t know about these things already, you’re gonna learn a little about fitting, finding fits, how to fly your fit and discover a little about the FW Zone and it’s playstyle.


I like that idea and already I’m learning: I had no idea that there was a Systems Visited stat! I’ll start to put together a list now but I’m thinking that this would be a good over-arching challenge to help me spread out the other ones across!

Love this and had never heard of it either!

@yellow_parasol I like the idea of using these challenges to help weed out and improve the new player community! Though, really, there is no need for a reward, maybe one of us could send it to some new players or something instead?

@Sam_Knob thanks! Those are definitely not something that I would have had the imagination to think up! I like the second one most but will still put it up for the vote.

I’ve never used an Atron for anything other than trying to tackle before blowing up, so this sounds like fun too!

Ok, so this has already got enough (and varied enough!) challenge to make up a poll for the first weeks challenge. However, I’ll wait until Friday before putting the poll up over the weekend with the aim of starting the first challenge on the Monday.

Thanks for the input so far guys, I’m already excited :slight_smile:


Whatever challenge you end up doing: GL HF!


Well not quite teh Friday post up that I meant to, but here are the three challenges for the week. Pick one and I’ll do my best to complete it!

  • Pick a random newbro and assist from nothing to getting a first SOLO
  • Get a solo kill in LowSec Factional Warfare with a brawling Atron
  • Start a new character and join a Corp with the aim of reporting mean NewBro behavior for RETRIBUTION!

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I’ve started working a little on how to do the other two mentioned but don’t think I’d be able to have started those that easily this week, so will leave them for an other week!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Ok, so voting is now closed and @Sam_Knob your Intermediate suggestion seems to have won the first weeks vote! I’ll get cracking on this straight away! I’ll see if there’s anyone really new in the Alliance, otherwise I’ll jump clone up to highsec tonight!

Thanks and stay tuned for the results :slight_smile:


Always wanted to do this one myself, but never really got around to do it. I’ve trained a couple of players that were fairly new to PvP, but never a complete newbie, so I’m super hyped to see the outcome. If you can make it I’ll definitely go out and try to do it myself. Definitely use SiSi for sparring in the beginning, it will save you a lot of ISK during training. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice in your corp/ally, as I’m sure you guys have got people around with a lot of experience in newbro training.

Good luck!


this poll is flawed, because it gives players too much power and numbers might be skewed one way or another. anyhow, i keep tapping one choice and nothing happens.

Quite possibly, but at this point I’m not really too fussed. The best three options will go up on the poll so if the numbers get skewed towards one option more than the others, so be it!

Either way, it’s getting me motivated to doing different things and last night it broke the activity cycle of “make ISK until fleets”, which gets a little tedious :wink:

I closed the poll yesterday morning so that my weekly challenge would be fixed, so that might be the reason you can’t make a selection just now @yellow_parasol ?

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ah. guess so! good luck! :smiley:

Week 1 Challenge: Update

So I’ve spent a few evenings this week hanging around in some of the beginner systems and trolling through zKillboard for what appears to be newbro ship losses.
I’ve convo’d people, sent out EVEmails, talked in the Help channel and talked in local to people. Honestly, I’ve struggled to find ANYONE interested hehe.

I’ve resorted to sending ISK to (presumeably) newbro’s to cover recent ship loses and to offer them some chance of revenge! I’ll see how I get on this weekend but it’s been a struggle so far! And my hands are starting to twitch as my ISK goes down with no income hehe.

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interested in what? and how did you try to find interest?

@yellow_parasol this weeks challenge was to find a newbro and train him up to get his first solo kill.

PROGRESS: I’ve found someone who’s interested and we’re starting to look at options now. However I’m already over my first week to complete this so I might continue on this one but also do one of the others from last week!

I really didn’t think about how likely it would be to complete certain ones in the space of a week :frowning:

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I don’t think completing a challenge within the weekly timer is important, maybe change it to monthly instead. More importantly just posting updates of your progress and the actual completion time for each challenge is more than enough, especially since it’s keeping you active in the game, right ?

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When you stress yourself too much, you’ll eventually find yourself wanting to do something else. just do what you can. there is no way for you to know beforehand, how long it will take you anyway. don’t stress yourself over it, otherwise it’ll ruin the game for you. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m thinking that I’ll just keep going with each challenge until it’s completely. If it runs longer than a month I might look at getting some new ideas for the following month though as otherwise I’ll lose momentum!

Been talking with the other guy but there’s not really been a lot of correspondence lately so not sure how far this is going to go. If there’s nothing in a week I’ll roll out my brawling Atron and go in to FW for the second option.