So today I did something dumb in eve
I’m using a cormorant
Using blaster
And fly towards the rats
I somehow managed to take down a few cruisers before getting myself blasted
I was a really fun challenge, and the feeling of being the underdog, getting the low ground and then try to crawl the way out is really entertain
Did anyone have the same feeling as I am?

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Yes, I prefer to use a Machariel against 20+ Orcas, freighters, and miners. Usually works out in my favor…

And the Cormorant is bonused for railguns and not blasters if I remember correctly. It’s a kiting ship, not a brawler…

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Yeah I did years ago when I first started playing this game. I was told that Tech 1 Frigates couldn’t do level 3 security missions so I maxed out every skill pertaining to my Rifter as well as the fit and was able to complete level 3 missions within the time bonus.

Also back then the general consensus was that players had to pick a side to be positive with, either Amarr & Caldari or Gallente & Minmatar. Well I didn’t accept that and after 3 months of research I created ‘The Plan’ and shared it with the Eve Community which enabled players to become positive with all Empire Factions.

I was then told that standings couldn’t get over +5.00 with the main Empire Factions which was incorrect. I have positive standing with 13 of 20 Factions (Pirate Factions are negative) and the 4 main Empire Factions are just shy of +8.00 standing.

Yeah, felt good to accomplish that. My next goal is to hopefully gain positive standings with all Factions.


Never be told that you can’t do X.

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Yes it’s a kiting ship
But what fun in that?

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