Change DSCAN and Probes scanning to show ship class only

This idea was actually mentioned on iBeast’s stream (attribute the idea to him)

Please change the directional scanner to show ship class only if the object is not on the same grid.
Instead of showing “type icon” + “ship name” + “ship model” + “distance” (e.g.: “frigate icon”, “my cute ship”, “Punisher”, “-”) show only icon and ship type (“frigate icon”, “-”, “Frigate”, “-”).

Make a distinction between Tech I / Tech II / Tech III ships (e.g. “Frigate”, “Tech II Frigate”, “Tech III Destroyer”).

Show ship name and exact ship model if the object is on the same grid (i.e. you can visually identify it).

Restrict Probe scanning to the same rules (ship type only) unless 100% scan achieved, at which point exact ship model and name are shown.

This change would promote more dynamic environment with more fights.


I like this idea. Not sure if it will add fights, but it will reduce cherry picking.


I really like this idea

Had my fc not take a fight because he knew exactly what ships the enemy was bringing

Additional kinda idea:

Low-slot module with loadable charges or scripts to disguise as other ship type, again for scan/probe scan only.

This would be a niche module but I see so much use for baits and general deceive

I could definitely get behind probe scan results not showing the specific ship type until a higher percentage is achieved. Maybe not 100%, but higher than currently.

As for d-scan…maybe? If anything, I’d make precision scale with distance. Under 5AU, you see everything, between 5AU and 10AU you get a generic type (so “Frigate”, “Destroyer”, etc.), and beyond 10AU all you get is “Ship”. That way you could still use d-scan to identify fleets, but you’d have to get close to them first. But I wouldn’t just do this for ships, I’d do this for everything that shows up on d-scan. So it would go from “Veldspar” to “Asteroid” to “Celestial” or “Hornet II” to “Drone” to “Item”, etc.

Definitely can get behind this idea and lower accuracy at range. Even more so since the passive d-scan was hinted at by hilmar.

Shameless plug of an old idea of mine, different ships having different d-scan ranges.
Smaller ships = shorter
Recons/cov ops = long range

I’d still like a deployable that you put blueprint copies into to make them look like a certain ship on dscan.

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