Change to Titan spawn rate

Hi, I’ve noticed a very large change to Dark Blood Titan spawn rates. While previously I have encountered them in my ratting of Sanctums approximately once every 45 days, I have not seen one since Feb 23, 2023. This was made evident by a Javascript program analysing each of my Gamelog files in my EVE directory structure pictured below. This change has interfered with my predicted encounters with about 9 Dark Blood Titans comprising 2.7 billion in bounties, 2.9 billion in loot, and a further 2.9 billion in salvage by conservative estimate. A ticket requesting clarification was answered with a “…no change … to NPC spawn rates” which is contradicted by my analysis. Can you confirm?


You finding two in one day wasn’t the issue, it was the averages averaging out to be longer than expected immediately after finding two on the same day?

It hasn’t even been 45 days since the last one, and you already flood the support desk for help? Did your ticket involve requesting ~6b isk worth of what you would have gotten should you have found an extra titan?

(edit) Still have the mental image of it being 2023 - my bad. The initial rudeness was not deserved.


Point of clarification from the OP, emphasis mine:

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