Question about Faction titans in Sanctums

Hi has anyone gotten any faction titans/supercarriers in sanctums/havens in the regions belonging to Serpentis, Guristas, Angels, sansha, and Drones?

I must be going crazy because i can’t find any history on their killboard that may confirm they actually spawn there. (the spawnrate may be close to 0)

I’ve seen several Dreadnoughts spawn in asteroid belts and even in anomalies. I assume that the chances of it happening increases the lower the system’s security rating is.

You will not find any Killmail for NPC ships. You can only find killmails for people that have been kill by one, which I would think is just as low as the chance of them spawning.



Yep in provi , True sansha Supercarrier

Asteroid belts have always spawned supercarriers/titans outside of home regions. (home regions may now find them in belts as well? I don’t have enough data on this yet.) And moon belts = asteroid belts when someone mines there due to #JustCCPThings.

I was just wondering about them spawning in Havens and Sanctums now. (I don’t have to ask about blood raiders because of personal experiences and the killboards being loaded.)

There was the video of someone getting a 420m tick and a 500m+ tick from getting titans while ratting on youtube if you need evidence

Titan will spawn only in sanctoms. I had one spawn of titan and lots dreads (mostly useless only bounty is ok) I had only 1 spawn of dread in heaven. Titan salvage can be up to 700 milj

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Pussycat pozdrav.

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