Why only in the blood regions CCP updated sanсtums? There appear titans and faction dreadnoughts in the last waves, in all other regions of Eve (Serpentis, Guristas, Angel spaces) the sanctums remained the same. The question is why such an injustice? This is not a theory, titans and factional dreadnoughts appear on sanctum only in the blood.regions and only there. In other regions, such beauty appears only on asteroids. Here is the evidence (screenshots) -

  1. My ticks in BLOOD SPACE (Only sanctums) (Titans and faction dreadnoughts constantly appeared)
  2. My ticks in ANGEL SPACE (Not a single titan and faction dreadnought)

And now direct evidence (zkillboard):
Bloods space (Titan and F.dreadnought)

They are killed everywhere, fighters is constantly lost. This is proof that they are killed not only on asteroids and moons.

And now let’s see the board of ships of other factions.
Angels titan and F.Dreadnought:



In all spaces, except for blood, titans and dreadnoughts appear only on asteroids and moons. They never appear or appear on sanctums. This is 100%. I also conducted a survey with local residents from other regions. No one has ever seen titans and F.dreadnoughts on sanctums

Main questions. What is the imbalance towards alliances that live in blood space and such injustice to everyone else? And when will it be changed?

Spoken like someone who doesn’t actually understand spawn mechanics. So let me give you the quick breakdown.

  • Rats/anoms spawn with a % chance to contain a normal/faction dread/super/titan
  • People kill these spawns
  • Delve chews through these groups/anoms significantly faster throughout the entire region so they will undoubtedly see more
  • Looking at zkill only shows fighters and ships that have died to these ships. Not how many have died (notice how every single one you linked says “0 ships lost”).

When a site dies, the next one has a chance to spawn a dread/titan or faction variant. That lucky roll may very well appear to a VNI ratter a few systems over who says nothing (and who’s drones don’t produce KMs). You’ll never know about it, but it doesn’t mean it didn’t spawn. This is the exact same logic when you go officer hunting. The difference is one happens exclusively in a belt, the other an anom/belt/moon/etc.

In case you haven’t caught on, these faction super/titan spawns have incredibly low spawn rates. So even if you had an entire region to yourself you could not see one for months at a time ratting nonstop. And finally, these have always spawned in the last wave of havens/sanctums. There was no “change” anywhere. The code that determines spawn rates in one region are identical to spawn rates in another.

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Are we talking half a dreadnought? A quarter? A tenth of one?


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