Changes to slave implants

I’ve just noticed slave implants are planned to be changed from armor hp to shield hp bonus?

I and pressumibley many many others have clones currently outfitted with slaves and the relevent armor bonusing hardwire implants.

My question is, if and when the change occurs, will any installed slave implant (and any other variety which has had the bonus changed so dramatically) be uninstalled from the clone so that characters aren’t having to loose potentially expensive hardwires to correctly match to the pirate implants?

(I skim read the slides, so apologies if I’ve missed something which answers this question)

You’ve misunderstood slightly.

A NEW set of implants are being introduced, which provide a shield HP bonus. This set will be named ‘Slaves’.

Existing Slave implants (i.e. the armour ones) are being RENAMED to ‘Amulet’. they will continue to provide armour bonuses.

From the post in ‘upcoming features and changes’:

A quick note on the Slave implants:
The existing Slave implants that improve armor hitpoints will be renamed to Amulet implants and new copies of Amulet implants will come from Blood Raiders content rather than Sanshas. If you have an implant that increases armor hitpoints before this patch, it will continue to provide exactly the same bonuses after the patch. It will just be renamed to “Amulet” and have a different text description.



Ahh, that makes much more sense. Thankyou for the info.

Hull slaves when ? :slight_smile: CCPlease…

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