Armor implants PVP

Recently I decided to play pvp with armour Ships and bought 1-6 High Grade Amulet set.
Now , here is where I need your help and suggestion about the rest of 4 implants what would be good to an armour pvp ship. from 7-10
Many thanks

Before anyone answers we need to know what ship you are going to be flying. Your hardwire implants are quite dependent on the ship itself.

Do you have a fitting you are looking at also? Typically, people buy ships THEN the expensive implant sets.

An amarr ship will have different hardwires than a gallentie ship because they use different weapons/different prop modules/ or different fitting constraints.

Not to mention that the type of implants depends heavily on how you fit your ship. Amulets are only really useful for armor buffer ships, Asklepians are for ships with active armor repairers.

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