Best low grade implants to run low tier Abyssals?

I’m planning on running Amarr ship probably an Arbitrator or Omen, I could definitely do it in T-2 hulls of the equivalent if people recommend it.

Armor Buffer or repair are always solid picks for an implant set. Arbitrator and Omen both should be able to do T2 abyssals easily, I wouldn’t use the Arby’s T2 hulls though as they won’t do nearly as much damage as a Zealot and aside from a stronger tank, won’t give you much more than the Arby does (they are great PVP ships though). Zealot should be your goal for Amarr ships in the Abyss though (unless you want missiles with the Sacrilege).

Rapture implants are always nice for amarr ships.

more cap = more rep/lasers/etc… aka more tank and dps fitting potential when it comes to mods

but yeah using shield/armor implants always a good choice for every ship that uses said defensive system

low-grade implants are a waste imho.

if you are flying only 1-3 Abyssals, you won’t need any implantset at all with a proper fitting.
4-6 is the place where you want to buff your ship with an implantset to make sure you don’t die easily or increase runningspeed.

Here you have the choice of combining a mid-grade set with improved drugs (lower clone costs, higher drug costs and higher chances of bad side effects) or a high-grade set with standard drugs (high clone costs, lower drug costs and less chance of bad side effects).

when it comes to amarr, absolutely go for the Sacrilege with an asklepian-set later on. It can run up to Tier5-abyssals - no matter the type - quite convenient and even T6 exotics pretty safe. The Zealot is good, but only in electricals, which cost so much that it seriously hurts your profits.

For Arbitrator and Omen I wouldn’t even think about an implantset, put the money into a good fit for a HAC.

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