Sansha/module changes

Last year at eve fest ccp devs mentioned that they where changing sansha to shield. And that they where going to stop npc module drops does any know if/when it is going to happen ? Players where going to be able to make named modules in the same way as capital named modules. npcs would drop named components.

no idea on the Sansha stuff.

But i believe we still have an iteration or two of tiercide to go thru before the “concept” of letting us build meta modules can be looked at let alone applied.

Here is apicture of the slide in that presentation about the implants.

You must be referring to the plan to change the Slave implant bonus to increase shield HP. We’ve got no real timeline on this. CCP’s prepping a huge revamp of Citadel mechanics for Winter 2018 so I don’t expect to see them anytime soon. The only new implants I recall we’ve seen so far are the Serpentis Asklepians.

I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon.

No, though that is part of it. He’s reffering to all sansha faction mods that are currently armor based, being swapped over to shield varients, this was covered at vegas and such. It’s weird to have sansha ships drop armor repairers when they are all shield based ships. (Though the ship models and descriptions still reflect them being armor ships.)

Ah, I see.

God, I’m not looking forward to the mass complaints from explorers that used to preferentially search for Sansha sites.

Or actually, maybe I am…

I admit, as a armor focused pilot myself, I will be damn annoyed to no longer have access to inexpensive sansha armor mods. (Which are always the least expensive along with some C-types.) We’re gonna see a significant spike in armor mod prices once it happens.

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